Let's Wingette

When the cafe owner called us about this idea she had to open an eatery named Let's Wingette that served New York Style wingettes along with some southern sides, our first question was "what is a wingette?" After a little more explanation we got the idea .... "Oh ok! A chicken wing spot! But not like a sports bar, more like the place you go to get a wholesome, quick, carryout meal when you don't feel like cooking dinner. Yeah, we can build a brand for that, as long as we get to sample the menu!

The Solution

Dezign Dogma provided Let's Wingette with a complete brand strategy that would allow room for growth if they decided to franchise the eatery in the future. The branding included logo identity, tagline, and icon; along with website design, promotional materials, packaging, menu design, window graphics and social media graphics. Let's Wingette had a successful pop-up event in Philadelphia where the overall concept and design were well received. After tweaking the menu a bit, "The best wings in South Jersey" is now open for business in their new store front.

Gray T-Shirt
Promo Flyer
Women's Brown Tee