Yancy Milan Home

The owner of what was previously marketed as Cosmic Candles came to Dezign Dogma looking to enhance the brand of handmade soy candles that she produced. After our initial consultation, it was brought to our attention that the line was also going to be expanding to include other home/health products such as aromatherapy sprays and body scrubs. We suggested a total re-naming and new brand design that was modern and luxurious that would incorporate the entire product lineup as well as facilitate growth into new markets and stand out on store shelves. We developed a logo and monogram that would serve as the tying design element across the initial product offerings. The color scheme chosen was black, white, gold and silver to reflect the opulence that the client wanted to bring to the relaunch of the brand. The colors are combined across products to help differentiate between the various candle lines and offer flexibility in the packaging and promotional materials as additional products are added to the brand.

ClientYancy Milan HomeServicesCreative Direction, Branding, Packaging, PhotographyYear2016